If you are able to assist with any of the below listed information and/or images please contact the individual requesting the assistance.  If their email is not known please contact USAF ROTORHEADS


Wayne Mutza is doing an in-depth book on USAF gunships, and is seeking information, stories and photos.  If you are able to assist in anyway he would appreciate it.  Contact Wayne at USAF ROTORHEADS


Jim Mardock is attempting to determine the tail numbers of the 14 CH-3s that were sent from Eglin AFB to Tan Son Nhut in Dec 65 as the 20th SOS.  Check our Message Board for more details and a place to respond if you have additional information.

Wayne Mutza is seeking images of crash fire rescue vehicles; if you can assist Wayne please contact him directly or at USAF ROTORHEADS

One of our group Historians, Wayne Mutza, is seeking stories from anyone who may have had anything to do with the Hughes OH-6A “Loach”.  If you have anything to contribute please get it to Wayne.  If you don’t have his email, send it to USAF ROTORHEADS.  Wayne has a book in progress on the Loach and would appreciate your assistance.



Jim Henthorn, who is doing research for a book on AF Helicopter Special Operations, is looking for the any crewmembers or anyone with specific information from the 20th Helicopter Squadron during the A Shau Valley Special Forces Camp rescue.   Contact Jim at USAF ROTORHEADS