“Gone But Not Forgotten”


You are remembered

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No man is dead until forgotten


Sacrifice is meaningless

without remembrance


Do not stand at my grave and weep; I am not there. I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the autumn's rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush, I am the swift uplifting rush of birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night.  Do not stand at my grave and cry.    I am not there.    I did not die.


- Author Unknown


Det. 4 PARC, Bien Hoa

HH-43F,  27 Apr 65

Robert W. Doss (FF) (R)

Died as the result of burning A-1 ordnance exploding

Det, 3, 38th ARRS, NKP, Thailand

HH-43B, 20 Sep 65

Duane W. Martin (P) (NR)

POW Killed while trying to escape in Laos (Read Tribute)

Det, 6, 38th ARRS, Bien Hoa, Pedro-73

HH-43F,  63-8716,  11 Apr 66

William H. Pitsenbarger (PJ) (R)

MOH Died on the ground assisting troops

Det. 9, 38th ARRS, Pleiku, Pedro-42

HH-43,  62-4511,  28 Oct 66

George H. Bonnell III (P) (R)

Frances D. Rice (FM) (R)

Det. 5, 38th ARRS, NKP, JG-05

HH-3E,  65-12779,  6 Feb 67

Patrick H. Wood  (P) (NR)

Richard A. Kibbey (CP) (NR)

Donald J. Hall (FE) (NR)

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37th ARRS, Quang Tri, JG-07

HH-3E,  64-14233,  16 Feb 67

Angelo Pullara (P) (R)

Shot through cockpit window

20th SOS, Ban Me Thout, GH-?

UH-1F,  65-07932,  31 Mar 67

Robert L. Baldwin (P) (R)

37th ARRS, DaNang JG-26

HH-3E,  66-13279,  9 Nov 67

Ralph W. Brower (CP) (NR)

Eugene L. Clay (FE) (NR)

Larry W. Maysey (PJ) (NR)

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38th ARRS, Pleiku, Pedro-56

HH-43F,  62-04525,  7 Feb 68

Jose G. Abara (FE) (R)

21st SOS, NKP, Dusty-51

CH-3E,  66-13295,  23 May 68

James P. McCullum (P) (R)

William H. Taylor (CP) (R)

John L. Coon (FE) (R)

John E. Albanese (G) (R)

Robert A. Fink (G) (R)

37th ARRS, DaNang JG-23

HH-3E,  67-14710,  9 Jun 68

*Jack Rittichier (USCG) (P) (R)

Richard C. Yeend Jr. (CP) (R)

Elmer L. Holden (FE) (R)

James D. Locker (PJ) (R)

Det. 13, 38th ARRS, Phu Cat

H-43B,  Pedro 22,  27 Sep 68

David H. Pittard (P) (R)

37th ARRS, DaNang JG-10

HH-3E,  65-12782,  5 Oct 68

Albert D. Wester (CP) (NR)

Gregory P. Lawrence (FE) (NR)

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38th ARRS, Phan Rang, Pedro-44

HH-43,  58-1845,  10 Oct 68

Von M. Liedernecht (P) (R)

Donald R. Brooks (CP) (R)

Milard L. Bledsoe (FF) (R)

Emmett S. Orr (FF) (R)

Angel Luna (MT) (R)

20th SOS, Ban Me Thout, GH-?

UH-1F,  65-07942,  27 Nov 68

Gene P. Stuifbergen (FE) (NR)

40th ARRS, NKP, JG 17

HH-3E,  64-14230,  25 Dec 68

Charles D. King (PJ) (NR)

Hoist sheared from damage/shot by Pathet Lao  (Read Story)

20th SOS, Ban Me Thout, GH-?

UH-1F,  63-13164,  3 Jan 69

Ronald P. Zenga (G) (R)

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20th SOS,  Udorn, Pony-20

CH-3E,  62-12582,  17 Jan 69

Walter W. Martin (P) (R)

Richard A. Fleming (CP) (R)

Albert J. Davis (FE) (R)

20th SOS, Ban Me Thuot, GH-?

UH-1F,  63-13158,  26 Mar 69

Frank DiFiglia (P) (R)

Walter C. Booth (MO) (R)

Jesse C. Bowman (FE) (R)

Antonio L. Alho (G) (R)

Robert W. Fields (FS) (R)

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20th SOS, Ban Me Thout, GH-?

UH-1F,  65-07937,  13 Apr 69

James O. Lynch (P) (R)

38th ARRS, U-Tapao, Pedro-70

HH-43,  59-1562,  19 Jul 69

Warren K. Davis (P) (R)

Harry Cohen (PJ) (R)

20th SOS, Ban Me Thout

O-2A,  13 Sep 69

James F. Cameron (Pax) (R)

Thomas W. Norman (Pax) (R)

Flying as a passengers on O-2A

40 ARRS, NKP,  JG 76

HH-53C,  5 Dec 69

David M Davison (PJ) (R)

Died while providing cover fire

(Story) Courtesy of Bob LaPointe

40th ARRS, Udorn JG-71

HH-53B,  66-14434,  28 Jan 70

Holly G. Bell (P) (R)

Leonard C. Leeser (CP) (NR)

William C. Shinn (FE) (NR)

William D. Pruett (PJ) (NR)

William C. Sutton (PJ) (NR)

Gregory L. Anderson (PH) (NR)

Hit by missile from a MIG

(Listen to Shoot Down Tape)

20th SOS, Ban Me Thout, GH-?

UH-1P,  64-15491,  14 Mar 70

Dana A. Dilley (P) (R)

20th SOS, Ban Me Thout, GH-?

UH-1P,  65-07944,  19 Mar 70

Clyde W. Enderle (P) (R)

Carlos A. Estrada (CP) (R)

James W. Greenwood (G) (R)

37th ARRS, DaNang JG-27

H-3E,  66-13280,  15 Apr 70

Travis H. Scott Jr. (P) (R)

Gerald L. Hartzel (FE) (R)

Luther E. Davis (PJ) (R)

FE died later that day as the result of wounds incurred

40th ARRS, Udorn, JG-54

HH-53C,  68-8283,  30 Jun 70

Leroy C. Schaneberg (P) (R)

John W. Goeglein (CP) (R)

Marvin E. Bell (FE) (R)

Paul L. Jenkins (PJ) (R)

Michael F. Dean (PJ) (R)

21st SOS, NKP Skycap-36

CH-3E,  63-09681,  13 Aug 70

Alan B. Cheeseman (P) (R)

George D. Henry (CP) (R)

Terry D. Reams (FE) (R)

William L. Ripley (FE) (R)

(Note: Terry Reams died on

the 14th enroute to Japan

by Medevac)

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20th SOS, Ban Me Thout, GH-?

UH-1P,  64-15484,  25 Sep 70

Jackie P. Heil (P) (R)

Gerald A. Cooper (G) (R)

21st SOS, NKP, Knife-33

CH-3E,  13287,  24 Oct 70

Craig B. Schiele (P) (R)

Thomas E. Heideman (FE) (R)

(Read Story)  (Read Story)

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21st SOS, NKP, Knife-34

CH-53C,  68-10931,  1 Mar 71

Milton H. Ramsey (P) (R)

Albert Tijerina Jr. (CP) (R)

37th ARRS, Bien Hoa, JG-70

HH-53C,  68-10366,  25 Nov 71

Robert B. Swenck (P) (R)

John W. George (CP) (R)

Thomas D. Prose (PJ) (R)

James R. Thomas (PJ) (NR)

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20th SOS, Ban Me Thout, GH-?

UH-1N,  69-6621,  4 Dec 71

Thomas E. Fike (G) (R)

37th ARRS, DaNang, JG-67

HH-53C,  68-10365,  6 Apr 72

Peter H. Chapman II (P) (R)           

John H. Call III (CP) (R)

Roy D. Prater (FE) (R)

Allen J. Avery (PJ) (R)

William R. Pearson (PJ) (R)

James Alley (PH) (R)

40th ARRS, NKP, JG-61

HH-53C,  68-10359,  27 Mar 72

David E. Pannabecker (P) (NR)

Richard E. Dreher (CP) (NR)

James Manor (FE) (NR)

Raymond J. Crow Jr. (PJ) (NR)

Raymond A. Wagner (PJ) (NR)

Det. 4, 38th ARRS, TSN

Ground,  6 Jun 72

Louis R. Taylor (MX) (R)

Died during rocket attack at TSN

40th ARRS, NKP, JG-64

HH-53C,  68-10362,  14 Jun 73

Gilbert A. Rovito (P) (R)

Francis E. Meador (CP) (R)

David V. McLeod Jr. (FE) (NR)

21st SOS, NKP, Knife-?

CH-53,  70-1628,  24 Jan 75

Gary C. Hall (P) (R)

Bryan A. Rye (CP) (R)

James K. Hurley (FE) (R)

Garry W. Hermanson (MX) (R)


21st SOS, NKP, Knife-13

CH-53C,  68-10933,  14 May 75

James G. Kayes (P) (R)

Laurence E. Froehlich (CP) (R)

Robert P. Weldon (FE) (R)

George E. McMullen (FE) (R)

Paul J. Raber (CC) (R)

18 SPs as Pax Enroute to  Kho Tang Island, MRH failure

21st SOS, NKP, Knife-31

CH-53C,  68-10925,  15 May 75

Richard Vandegeer (CP) (R)

Assault on Kho Tang Island

21st SOS, NKP, Knife-21

CH-53C,  68-10926,  15 May 75

Elwood E. Rumbaugh (FE) (NR)

Assault on Kho Tang Island

*Jack Rittichier was a member of the United States Coast Guard assigned to Air Rescue. 

NOTE:  (R) = Remains Recovered     (NR) = Remains Not Recovered

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