If you have lost contact with an Air Force helicopter friend over the years, send the info to USAF ROTORHEADS and we will post it here.


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Gary Pruitt is trying to locate SSgt Robert “Bob” Alvey (or Alvy). I was TDY to Udorn, Det 5 38th ARRS Sep 65 Jan 66.  SSgt Robert “Bob” Alvey (or Alvy), was one of our three medics.  He was TDY from Portland AFB, Oregon.  After Portland AFB closed as an active duty assignment he was reassigned to Kingsley Field, Oregon near Klamath Falls Oregon.  I believe his wife was a nurse.  Our group of six fire fighters, me, A2C Desmond, AlC (Sgt) Rounds, SSgt Dixion, SSgt Baldwin, TSgt Willis, and three medics, SSgt Jeff Xxxxxx, SSgt Alvy (or Alvey), and one other medic attended the M-16 Combat Training Course at Hamilton AFB together Sep 65.  Bob and I left Udorn together on a C-130 for Bangkok.  We were scheduled to leave Bangkok on separate civilian contract air flights.  Last time I heard from Bob was in 1966 or 1967 when he was at Kingsley Field Oregon. (Contact webmaster at  USAF ROTORHEADS) (30 August 2015 entry)


Trying to locate Larry (Lawrence) Easterly. Last known assignment was at Whitman AFB, Missouri 1974-75. He was with the 20th SOS at Nha Tramg in 1969, later on a TDY to Hurlbert as a gunner instructors in November 1970 and again TDY at Sheppard AFB for schooling 1973. He is belived to be from Colorado, but he talked of settling in the Tuson area when he retired.  Last contact with him was 1974 by phone at Whitman AFB Missouri. (Contact webmaster at  USAF ROTORHEADS)



Trying to locate James "Jim" Shannon. He was stationed with the 31st ARS, HH-43B section at Clark AB, PI. during the 1964 - 1966 time frame. Last know assignment was at Sheppard AFB, TX. in 1970. He may have received a medical discharge at Sheppard. He is believed to be from Ohio, but it is not know if he went back to his home state or stayed in the Wichita Falls, TX. area. His wife was believed to be Filipino.  (Contact webmaster at  USAF ROTORHEADS)



Trying to locate W.A. Christensen. His Green Hornet challenge coin was found and the finder  would like to returned it to him. If W. A. Christensen or someone who knows him can let the webmaster know how to contact him we can get his coin back to him.  (Contact webmaster at  USAF ROTORHEADS)


Trying to locate William (Bill/Deano) Dean. He was Jolly driver before joining Green Hornets at Nha Trang in early 1967.  (Contact John Elftmann at  USAF ROTORHEADS)



Carl Metzger.  Was a SSgt when he went to the 20th about 1968 time frame and was on the UH-1P/F Hueys.  (Contact Bill Kaseman at USAF ROTORHEADS)



Looking for: Julius Webb.  He and I were crew chiefs on Green Hornet 484. Would like to hear from him again.  (Contact Bart Anderson at USAF ROTORHEADS)



Looking for: James "Speedy" Dyson, Raymond "Jack" Armstrong, and Mike "Put-Put" Preputnik all at NKP 40 ARRS Crew Chiefs 73-74.  Contact Sam Groce at USAF ROTORHEADS)


Russell N. Duckett.  He was my maintenance supervisor at Malmstrom AFB Montana in 1963. Last known address was in Missouri. (Contact Norm Spicer at USAF ROTORHEADS)

Cris Gonzalez last known at Davis-Monthan.  (Contact Norm Spicer at USAF ROTORHEADS)

John Perry I would like to locate John who was our jet engine mechanic at Loring AFB, ME during the 1965 era. (Contact John Dorgan at USAF ROTORHEADS)


Sgt. Mark McKenna stationed at Patrick AFB 1974-5 to 1976-7, stationed at 40 ARRS NKP Thailand '73-74.


Sgt. Patrick Conley stationed at Patrick AFB FL. 1975 - 1977 and Kadena AB Okinawa 1977 - 1978. (Contact Mike Vandermaelen at USAF ROTORHEADS)


Tom Brownlee Tom has one of my trainers when I served in Air Rescue at McConnell AFB back in 1971 - 1972 time frames. (Please Tom Skaug at USAF ROTORHEADS)


Jimmy Bowers He was a FE at Da Nang in 68.   If you know how to locate him contact Jack Watkins at USAF ROTORHEADS


Jim Henthorn is looking for a member of the 20th SOS, time period Nov 1968 to Jan 1969.  Contact Jim at USAF ROTORHEADS

John Kriletich is trying to locate Jack and Carolyn Garrett  and Harry CashIf you know their where about's please contact John at USAF ROTORHEADS

Bill Scravini Tony Markham is looking for him.  The last I knew he was at Hill AFB UT in the Test Sq. in the 80's I believe his rank CMSgt.  (Please contact USAF ROTORHEADS)

Terry C. (T.C.) Smith He was in the 21st SOS from Sep 1967 to Nov 1969.  When he returned from NKP  he went to Eglin and I lost track of him there. His home was Palatka FL but I haven’t been able to locate him via the internet.  (Please contact Rick Estep at USAF ROTORHEADS)

Fred Faust The last time I talked to him he was at Patrick AFB and a Lt. Col. flying the H-3.  I also know that at some point he was flying H-3's out of NKP or Udorn but I am not sure of the time frame. (Please contact Don Larsen at USAF ROTORHEADS)


William O. Johnson We were together at Det. 11, 38th ARRS, Tuy Hoa Vietnam in 1968/1969. (Please contact Ron Smitham at USAF ROTORHEADS)



John F. Reese He was my supervisor at Davis-Monthan AFB, Az. from 76-78 with the MARS H-3’s, and my boss at Sembach AB, Germany from 78-80 on the CH-53’s.  He retired in 80 and went to live in Jersey City NJ. I called and talked to him back in 81, but then lost contact.

(Please contact Chuck Ruth at USAF ROTORHEADS)



Air Force Hueys We are interested in contacting Air Force folks, either maintenance (crew chief types) or flight crews that are currently associated with the Huey. (Please contact us at USAF ROTORHEADS)



Jimmy W. Blackwell I last talked to him in 1967 at Udorn when he was a FE in the 20th SOS. (Please contact Don Larsen at USAF ROTORHEADS)



Donn Hassman Contact Bob Runninger at USAF ROTORHEADS if you know where Donn Hassman may be.


William “Bill” Wilson Last seen in 1962/63 at Stead Air Force Base. (Please contact Jim Moore at USAF ROTORHEADS)



Hienrich “Herbie” Herber He was German born and the last I saw or heard from him was in September of 1965.  We were stationed together at Minot for about 2 years.   He was from New York State. (Please contact Jerry Bucknall at USAF ROTORHEADS)



Richard "Rick" Wert He was in the 21st SOS in 1973 - 1974 time frames. He was an old rotor head from Hill AFB. I lost contact with him when NKP closed in 75. (Please contact Woody Freeman at USAF ROTORHEADS)



Francis Fisher we were together in the 5040th in Alaska. We were also together at NKP and the 20th in 67-68. (Please contact Jim Burns at USAF ROTORHEADS)



Larry Collins Last seen at the 33rd ARRS at Kadena, have been informed he retired out of Indian Springs. (Please contact Jim Moore at USAF ROTORHEADS)



Hank Theriot Information is as follows: ACFT HH-53C, tail #68-10366, Call Sign Jolly Green 70, Unit 37th ARRS, Crash date 25 Nov 1971, Survivors were: FE - Hank Theriot, PJ - R. L. Steed (Please contact Mike Wade at USAF ROTORHEADS)



Members of the 917S/917H FTD that was at Tan Son Nhut in 1963/1964 training VNAF helicopter pilots and mechanics on the H-19 (Please contact Jim Moore at USAF ROTORHEADS)


If you have lost contact with an Air Force helicopter friend over the years, send the info to USAF ROTORHEADS and we will post it here.